Marie-Josée Ouellette

(506) 804-2056
Car & Motorcycle Accident | ATV & Snowmobile Accident | Pedestrian & Cyclist Accident | Medical Malpractice | Long Term Disability Claims | Slip & Falls and Other Injuries

Marie-Josée Ouellette is originally from Grand Falls, New Brunswick. She decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and practice law. She particularly likes the dynamic and fast-paced environment as well as interacting with people.

Marie-Josée is an organized and approachable lawyer for whom customer service is very important. Her client-focused approach enables her to develop a successful working relationship with her clients.

She has seen first-hand the devastating effect an accident can have, not only on the person involved in the accident, but also on their loved ones. Marie-Josée wants her clients to concentrate on their recovery and their family, while she handles the legal side of their claims.

"I have always been interested in personal injuries and disability claims. I represent accident victims and wrongfully denied disability claimants, their interests and their rights. I am their voice, because they deserve to be heard and compensated for the injuries they have suffered."